Our Story

Top Priority at Beasley's Bakery is to promote the wellbeing of the whole animal kingdom AND our environment while at the same time helping us all on the journey to better health.​ Beasley's gourmet recipes are baked with all-natural and organic 100% human grade ingredients, enriched with Omega 3's and gluten and dairy free.
Good nutrition, of course, is our primary source for health. And Beasley's other big priority is that the nutrition in our treats is not only natural and organic, but must taste good! Eating food we actually like adds enjoyment to our lives - another great boon to our health! But - that is not enough. Beasley wants us to be sensitive and alert to how food is grown and raised. Using only ingredients from sources where sustainable agriculture is practiced, along with the humane treatment of farm animals from birth through harvest - that is paramount! ​All together this makes Beasley's treats truly exceptional.


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